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Quality, Affordable Senior Portraits

The Story of You

Senior portraits are more than just pictures of you in your senior year.  They are the opportunity to showcase who you are and what you've accomplished and enjoyed during your high school years.  We spend the time to get to know you so that we can capture the images that are all about you!  If you've got a great location you'd like to use that tells your story, we are happy to go there. We also offer in–studio composite images that you can't get at the big portrait chains or from most other photographers in town. That's because we meet with you ahead of time to brainstorm and come up with the really great ideas and then go outside the box to create them. We make a production out it so you get the best products and reasonable prices.  It comes down to what kind of portraits you want create.

Senior portraits through the years

Senior portraits have changed a lot over the years.  In the 1950s and '60s almost all portraits were taken in the studio by professional photographers with large film cameras against classic portrait backgrounds.  In the '70s, '80s and '90s, as film quality improved, we transitioned to 35mm cameras.  Still mostly professional photographer who offered multi-exposures and projected backgrounds.  The new millennium brought us less expensive digital cameras and a large influx of new photographers shooting on location with available light.  A high percentage of those new photographers never had any formal training and so they never learned how to effectively use studio lights, off-camera flash and reflectors to control the light.  They did, and still do, create good photographs and the location settings can be nice.  More importantly to the customer, they're able to charge less because of low overhead.

The next new thing

There are still plenty of photographers shooting on location with available light at a lower price.  The latest trend seems to be taking us back to the studio for at least part of the senior portrait package.  Seniors are going for higher-end portraits with a greater production value.  The advances in digital technology has allowed for dramatic creations that can tell your story in a few images rather than a whole album.  Whether you are into sports, music, academia, science, etc., we can help you create images that really exemplify who you are.

Senior Portrait Models

Every year we look for a few individuals from each of the nearby schools to help us promote our photography.  The nice thing about our model program is that it's easy and fun.  First, you get to create some incredible, excellent photographs, both in the studio and on location, without a session fee.  Next, you get a couple of awesome, free products, both print and digital, to show off to your friends and family.  Then, you get a print credit for each senior who schedules a paid portrait session and presents us with your referral card.  Finally, if you exceed the goal and get all the images you want and still have a credit, you get CASH!

The session and the goods

Your portrait session can include your car or motorcycle, pets, friends, sports props, music props...just about anything you can think of, really.  Again, your senior portraits should tell your story.  You can get prints and/or digital images.  You can have your portraits printed on canvas, linen, metal or acrylic. We offer albums and graduation announcements. And, of course, we take care of your yearbook picture for you.

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